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Natural Slavonic Hair Europe non dyed virgin

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We are selling the highest quality Slavic hair is not painted all over the world.buy natural European virgin hair is not processed hair at the most affordable price,selling natural European virgin hair Israel, USA, Italy , France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine Baby Hair virgin non dyed length from 35 cm to 70 cm Wholesale price Slavic hair Our direction is the production and sale of natural Slavic hair in capsules, ribbons and slices. With experience of successful work since 2007 in the Ukrainian and European market. Own production Official company Unique technologies Quality certified by certificates Over 16 years of experience with hair and 5 years of production Any form of payment Fast delivery by 5 transport companies Individual approach to each client Huge stock of more than 1000 kg of hair All products are certified
Добавил: boginya, Четверг, 07.04.2016