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Slavonic hair natural blonde unprocecced 35 cm

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Selling natural Slavonic hair our company collects and sells real not processed European hair. We sell only quality healthy hair Ukrainian and Russian Girls. European hair are of extraordinary softness and silkiness. Only Slavic European hair by nature have bright colors from blond to brown shades. raw European hair is the most popular material for the manufacture of wigs and hair extensions all over the world, so European Girls hair hair are Luxury class. Our employees collect the hair all over Ukraine and Russia and then check on hair quality ,wash them, remove the short hairs at the last stage of hair are natural drying without hot dryer(because it spoils the quality of the hair) In the end quality European hair fully prepared for making wigs or extensions. The buyer receives a clean ready to use product. Buying such hair you save from 15 to 30% of their funds because messy hair lose weight after treatment. Hair length from 35 cm to 90 cm . All the hair undyed virgin and each tail sheared off with one head that guarantees uniformity of grain and color to achieve the best quality of the wig. our company supplies raw European hair in the USA, Germany, Israel, Italy, China and other countries of the world. our Most important rule is the Quality for the client and competitive price, because we are interested in constant and fruitful cooperation with all Countries of the world.In the photo gallery section you can see real photos of hair. each tail is checked manually, therefore we guarantee 100% quality of our product. to fully verify this you can make a trial order from 1 kg of real European hair. delivery is made within 14 days by Express EMS FEDEX DHL our company collects Slavic hair on the whole territory of Ukraine and Russia .We select only healthy thick tails not dyed not processed . to ensure the quality of goods sold, we remove the short hairs from the tails and wash them to get ready to use material. European Slavic hair best raw material for the manufacture of expensive high quality wigs and hair extensions for all methods. We sell only the best Slavic hair at competitive price. Can see this just by making an order for a minimum party hair 0.5 kg
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