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european Virgin hair unprocessed 1 kg

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We sell Slavic raw materials in several forms: - Unprocessed cuts (cut, not combed, not treated, not washed) - Cuts combed (processed, washed) Hair is trimmed, with small combings.Such hair is considered a Lux class, as its quantity is rather limited, but the quality is very high.It is soft, gentle and elastic. Slavic hair is manageable, can be of different structure: straight, wavy, and curly. The color of hair is from medium to light shades of blond, brown, dark. Such hair is easily amenable to lightening of locks, while remains shiny and silky. This raw material has saved cuticle, allowing the hair to retain moisture, and therefore it preserves its natural, healthy shine and elasticity. Slavic hair is suitable for almost all girls; it also maintains a perfect look during the time of use, even after dyeing. For this line of raw materials, we collect hair from 20 to 80 cm. It has a perfect look, softness, smoothness, fullness of ends, no split ends. Selected hair will last for a long time. With such hair, you can make many extensions, and it does not lose its original gorgeous look. This hair can be used to make all products. the best quality andbeautifulwigs producedfrom thisSlavyanskiihaircollectedon the territory of Ukraineasour girls hair most silkyand soft.we offer realSlavic hairat an affordable pricefrom 700 to3400dollars for 1kgof hair .lengthfrom 35 to90 cm.verifythe quality of ourhairis the first orderof 0.5kg.


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